Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Blue Mascara, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

In Blue Mascara
(c) Singleton 2007

"I'll be mad"
I said.
And I'm sorry.

I don't want to rememeber your
flitting, flirting, buy-one-free-get-one-free
eyes that way,
swiping me with
stolen blinks.
Your lips
in a knot,
your smile,
pink kool-aid just below
your nose,

But I'm mad now,

I'm wearing
blue mascara....


Robin said...

It is always nice to put up a face to react to situation and take it off when it is over.

This way, less pain.. and hopefully more time for happiness.

Thanks for sharing

singleton said...

robin.....yes, so very true, dressed for the long run, anyway. Thank you for stopping by...

eric313 said...

So incredibly beautiful. I'm exhausted, but glad to find this sweet woman looking so sad. The blue girl in blue jeans with blue mascarra. I love the black strokes in her hair. And the passion--it rocks. Actually, not just the passion or pssst peace, but everything going on in every background you draw. So much detail, so much love.

Peace and Love

eric313 said...

Her eyes have to be some of your best.

I know it!

singleton said... must come with the moons....wildness, passion, commotion,exhaustion....the cycles of life....I'm going on days of draggin'....the forever morning-after. And then the second winds will come. Whisking everything about, placing it all in new order. Meet you there....on the other side of the winds....

eric313 said...

Well met, friend Singleton. Beyond that wind
it'll all work out.
And you, too, Justgivemepeace. Miss you, butterfly girl, but I'd bet you fly around after my footfalls and have seen the work I've started to fly with.

Glad you came to see the butterfly moon that day that you did. Look at me now! The butterfly effect took me higher than anything I could dream of. It's like I've wandere through life looking for my people, and finally, I found them and they found me.

Y'all are my peeps, yo! For real.

Still Dreaming (Butterfly Moon 2)

I'm a butterfly--still dreaming
I'm the moon.
I'm the moon
dreaming I'm only a man.
I'm man dreaming I'm the setting sun.
I am the setting sun.

I am undone.

Soon morning should come dancing
into my eyes
like wings that know the ocean's
pulse so well
they leave it behind, knowing she's
always there
waving to me on the end of the pier
welcoming me with all of her 'is'
giving me her 'am' through a
smile sized doorway,
washing away everything
that is not peace
or love;

But until then
I am still dreaming
of the holy glow I knew by touch,
her halo following me
to Timbuktu
to Star's End
and beyond

Until then
I remain

singleton said...

ONG, Eric, I just simply love it, I mean, I just simply love it, I am devouring it like a bender PBJ on a Saturday morning, like a martini moon, I feel it, but more than that.....
I know it...



skinnylittleblonde said...

Eke...I hate to even leave any words here. This is all so beautiful... the artwork, as always ever so soulful & the words just falling like they were always meant to be with her...all undone. just beautiful.

singleton said...

SLB....the ink on this page was barely dry, the first words scribbled on a loose leaf notebook, tossed on the coffee table, when it happened. Just as she knew it would....In the afterglow, I could have changed the words at least, but I couldn't change the story....anymore than I could have changed the day, the night, the butterfly effect....
And then Eric, spinning out the punchlines, the secrets, the way it was, am, is, will......
in perfect sequence,
seventh sense...

To be continued.....

Peace~love~meant to be's.....

Anonymous said...

You make some pretty cool art together, you know. Would you be interested in another barter, this time in exchange for some of your art? I don't have any more jeans, but you know I can find some other stuff that you guys might like.

singleton said...

the blue jeans were good, really good,
and the books were good, really good......
do you have wind chimes?
really, really good wind chimes?

Anonymous said...

I don't have any wind chimes. But tell you what, I will look around and see what I do have.

singleton said...

k, Trevor....
I'm thinkin'......

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't have that much stuff, but here are some things that I do have: candles (A lot of em), some used books, a lava lamp, a fiber optic panda, a big box of old records (got them from my dad).

singleton said...

Trevor...Ok, now I'm leanin' in.....lava lamps are cool, always have been....
How old is your Dad? I feel a deal fixin' to go down!:)

Anonymous said...

Dad is 49, that's a year away from you. Most of his music is pretty classic "guy" music, though, so you're warned.

singleton said... vinyl Liberace? or Led?
I'm not a guy so I don't really know what classic guy music is unless it' Uriah Heap, Tull, I don't know, help me out here!
OK, rummage in your closet, here's the scavengers list.....
Band T-shirts
Peace signs
Black lights
A Ouija Board?

Go any of that?

Anonymous said...

mail me at debaryrumors@.... you know the rest.

singleton said...

sweet anon....

Anonymous said...

Sorry I took a while to respond, I was on blogger vacation I guess.

He's got a lot of Alice Cooper, and there is also so Led Zepplin and Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Uriah Heap might be in the pile there somewhere, actually. ANYHOW: I will send you an email with some stuff I can send you.

singleton said...

open up the treasure chest!