Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wet Paper, Singleton, 2007, outsider art

Wet Paper
Outsider Hippie Woman Artist
(c) Singleton 2007

She watches
with sultry
drug-store eyes
and feeds
ever memorized from
the jacket of a
Harold Robbin's novel,
and you

thought for
just a moment,
there was something so familiar
you had to touch
to have
to try to feel again.

But the flowers in her hair
are plastic
and her
dirty lipstick smudges
wet paper....

you're damaged now...


drips of paint said...

From you profile...your mum is a wonderful mum and a great art teacher....

I can see why your words are so beautiful and strain of sentences unquie.

curiously... what you use to creat your art works...are then cryon and color pencil?

singleton said...

drips.... Mornin'! I have to laugh on this one, She's the one I was working on when I got bonked in the head with the bike! So she started with the usual colored pencils, markers, and ink, and then, of course, the added effect of an entire glass of iced tea! And yup, our Mama is one unique lady....We are blessed!
peace and happy Monday!

eric313 said...

Well look at this! I don't check up in a well and there is a buetifull blue haired lady.

you run a beautiful place and the walls are sheets of wet paper that collect the most wild drops of paint falling like rain. So glad you first popped in over at the site. You are wild and free...
and so quiet. But a good friend taught me that silence has it's own voice. And taught me that that's also a good thing. Took me a day later to figure that part out, but I love it and what it means now that it's my little nugget of wisdom.

your writing completes the circle, all your art is it's own circle that nothing will break, and water only adds life to it, which really is fitting. You saved her from coffee, too, didn't you? Not to mention faced peril from faling metal objects with sharp edges? We're lucky to have you!

Your part of it all too. Keep writing and look at the words, look at only what you need, the bare minimum to tell each story to the fullest. It's a balance act of it's own beauty. You have it and should feel like it.

singleton said...

eric....may our circles be unbroken.....painted in the sand....