Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are you there?, Singleton 2007 outsider art, Bachman 2007 words

The Best of Times
Are You Still There?
Outsider Hippie Chick Art

(C) Singleton 2007 Artwork
(C) Bachman 2007 Poetry

Black and
jean goodbye;
golden she
on the rocks
technicolor glory
saving all the best
for first,
for last..
and between.

Are you out there,
yes, you
butterfly amplifier?

are you on the eleven?
say what?
say what again...

You know only one voice
and it's feeding you
every sweet rumor--

unique names for any
technicolor nightmare
that falls from heaven

It's just drama,
You know her far too well
to let that story toll true
Because it's all poetry,
technicolor dreams
with your own subtitles

Black and blue clouds,
butterflies at eleven--exactly what you said
I remember:
she went to the beach
telling stories today
in shadows and light
and her own language
that I only know
a small part of..

she's at eleven,
and one......

the last,
the first,
the moment time
slips up,
straight up,
on the rocks,

call her name--listen
a wave crashing the sands
to millions of fine dreams;

are called these things
as well


eric313 said...

...Sing said some words, whispered them across the porch, almost taken by the breeze, except that the idea was so pretty I had to grab her hand. The words new what way to fly. I let them go and wrote down where they went. They followed Sing, just like Skinny noticed.

I was writing to the lady in this drawing, before and after seeing her for the first time. Singleton deserves credit for her part in the poem, so here it is, in my own writing.

drips of paint said...

Your color sense is just wonderful...colorful but subdue at the same time

singleton said...

are called these things
as well"....

I kind of love that part!

drips.....Thank you, it actually all depends on what's in the color box.....the favorites disappearing first, until all that's left is what's on the floor..... Saturday after I bonked my head, a neighbor walked over and handed me a beautiful box of watercolors, found when cleaning out a closet. I can't wait to wade in their vibrancy....

Peace my friends

lotusblossoms51 said...

WoW! She's so beautiful~ I love the texture like fabric through out this piece, especially in her hair. Earthy colors... Spanisheyes~ Tilted crown of Rumors... She looks content. Another amazing Goddess by Singleton.

singleton said...

C~ Hey girl! You're gonna have to come over to the porch at Hippie Parade or SLB's and join us one evening! This little one took flight on the steps, between cigarette breaks and beers.... and words.....So here's what happens when you get three hippies together in the comment box.....imagine if we had more! peace~love~ to all in your world!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Between 12 & 3, I found only me.
No longer waiting, I am free.
Moving forward, moving on
Cut and Run...
The strings from yesterday
wrapped around my head
help to keep my hair outta my eyes
Cut and Run

singleton said...

slb...the strings of yesterday, yeah, they gotta be good for something, cut and run, girl! Meet you there! in the end.....

eric1313 said...

but I love this girl, too. Her eyes are so clear and smiling.

She, and blue mascara who trevor'll probably buy ar my also favorites. Their eyes are all so beautiful. You remember to make them wink a little and smile in light little breezy butterflies like this girl, or twisting, all-knowing, all-loving grins, like mona lisa in love with the pool guy and her painter...

singleton said...

Eric...OMG! LOL! Who told you about my pool boy?

eric1313 said...

the mona-wanna-minute-alona smile says it without need of words...

singleton said...

Eric....And you don't miss a beat....