Monday, May 15, 2017

Raw Peace....
© Singleton

"She peeked out,
just barely,
over the river's edge.
Stretched her lazy pink pajama~ed arms
high up into the sky
and sighed...
The new day....
The Promise...

And for just a moment,
before the rickety rattle battle
of voices
and traffic
and chaos begins...
She's untouched.

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2011

A full 15" across and 1 1/2" thick, collage on wooden circle.  This heavy little Sunrise was created in the midst of Chaos.  The psychedelic Sun watercolored on Strathmore cold press paper, and collaged onto a painted and then sanded, smeared and distressed chunk of wood.  The word "Raw" and the broken Peace Sign were stamped from my handcarved  collection.

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