Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mother Earth Unplugged, Singleton Hippie Art Original

Mother Earth Unplugged
(c) Singleton 2011
Hippie Art

"Stranded on the muddy river,
I played in the tar riddled sand...
scratching Peace Signs and writing LOVE
in giant cursive letters on the bank...

And there,
with the brown water slopping up my shins,
with the greatest sunrise ever smiling on my shoulders,
I met a Man with no voice...
a teensy weensy fish with no tail...
an Alligator older than Earth herself...

I met...
basking in the blessings
of Ma Earth,

(C) Singleton 2011 Born on a blazing hot Sunday, in my own World....where sometimes engines are meant to take you nowhere...and sometimes they're meant to stop running...And sometimes you're meant to embrace each and every moment, every miracle, every meant~to~be.