Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drawing in the Dark, Singleton 2008 Hippie Art

Drawing in the Dark
(c) Singleton 2008

8 1/2 by 11 scribble and tired markers on card stock

It was just another night of
no frills
cheap thrills
and the
fortune cookie
an empty raw egg...

Sometimes you get
what you pay for....

So I closed my eyes and
I could see....
And drew and
and drew...

And in the morning,
she looked back at me,
scribbled skin
and handless arms,
I smiled....
And pretended
I was blind....

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Todd said...

This is wonderful!! Your "tired markers" still have a lot to say!
Todd in Santa Fe


She's wearing blinders!
Choosing to be blind to some of life's distractions is a smart move.
What we can't 'see' often holds no creedence, therein lies peace.

Besides that, you can wield those magical markers blindFOLDED and still SING!

singleton said...

They just babble on and on and on! And in the dark, I can't really tell ~they're like faded levi's on the line, they look just fine! Until you wear 'em to Winn Dixie and realize they have holes in the fanny! Electric is back on, flickering tonight! TG for battery back~ups, this computer has been my candle three "there she goes again's"!

Babs...LOL! Tonight she's wearing wipers! We're gettin' buried here....! You're so right, girlfriend, sometimes we just have to close our eyes....

Peace~love and sunshine....
Bring it on friends!

Anne said...

I love this! You're so creative.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.