Saturday, February 10, 2007

Other Fish in the Sea, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

Other Fish In The Sea
(c) Singleton 2007
Outsider Woman Hippie Artist

I see you.
Barely there..
A shadow
on the other side of
The filthy glass wall...

The water is so murky,
And my fingers
trace your face
touch you...

Your hand on mine...
In the deep deep water...

Break the glass


skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL, I find myself wanting to read her palms... what she was fated & what she's made of it.
BTW, I see the string around her ring finger!

singleton said...

Yeah, go figure. And as always, coming back here is like looking in a reversed rear view mirror.....silly little string, tied to the ring around the silly little fish.....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ha! Sure enough! And that ring tied to the golden key! could I not have noticed!

ReadingsByMe said...

In ancient times, beer was the drink of the warrior and used by people of the Andes as an intitiation into adulthood for one who is going into battle, more modernly in career, court or in love.
Around the beer I see a string with golden key leading to the gold ring around the fish.
Gold traditionally has been said to preserve health & promote longetivity, extend one's awareness of love & regeneration...thus promoting wisdom. It has also been used as a 'protecter' of spiritual beleifs.
The fish, which in this peice of Singleton artwork, is tethered to the ring finger of the girl has many historical meanings. The fish is known to reflect creativity, spirituality, freedom, strengthening love & negating negative energy.
For Buddhists, it represents freedom of mind & faith, for Hindus...wealth, fertility, love...for Chinese, it foretells prosperity & mercy. It represents inspiration, love & blessings.
Singleton, I know, you didn't know all of this when you created this piece and that to you, this piece may have been created with something else in mind...but I thought you might like to see a 'read' on your artwork.

LOL, the girl has inspiration tethered to her ring finger. That inspiration is protected by love & pulls the warrior forward, as needed.

singleton said...

slb....and the golden key chucked around the beer bottle neck! hmmmmmm

readingsbyme....Wow! spooky little stuff! I love this view. Especially since I totally fugue through the drawings and can't possibly tell you what I was thinking at the time they were created. And yet, somehow, later, through my eyes or anothers or a strangers or yours, it all comes together. Thank you. And as always, peace and love