Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DRIFTWOOD, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

Outsider Woman Hippie Art
(C)2007 Singleton

The days are shorter now
And the long nights
interrupted by
chaotic dreams
give birth to
a quiet tide...
A weeping wave,
folding her soft salty arms
around her secret strength...
gathering sandy treasures
toss lazily when the time is right.



lotusblossoms51 said...

WOW...I am at a loss for words...SAS you have outdone yourself again. She is amazing!!!

singleton said...

C- I wanted to hide this one. I tucked her in the back, shunned her. And I love driftwood, ...shiney, wet, dripping with coquina and LIFE, but so very old, lost in the dirty sea... until it just lands....thrust onto the your feet, waiting to be found by a random passer-by, to be treasured. I don't know why the hell I wanted to hide her, to bury her, but I did.

As always, peace, love, and all that other hoo-ha.....

ReadingsByMe said...

Wood traditionally represents new beginnings & to the Chinese, the color green, which represents new growth & sensuality.
Green, as her hair, is the color of the fourth chakra-the heart- connecting the physical with the is the color of balance & peace.
Butterflies, which are in many of your drawings, represent new beginnings & unification.
The number seven is very powerful & represents individuality & spiritual strength (7 days/week, 7 colors in rainbow, 7 planets, 7 notes in musical scale...etc)and purple is the color of the 6th chakra -the third eye- and the violet is the 7th chakra -the crown of the head & represents oneness.
I don't want my 'readings' to impact how you do your work. I find it very entertaining. Your work could almost be like a whole new deck of tarots, each with their own meanings but not classified into the traditional major/minor arcana or based upon the traditional figures.

singleton said...

readingsbyme....I am a little awestruck, by the brevity and hindsight your readings have, the numbers and letters are random, or not....they just land there, and the butterflies, God bless the butterflies, are always the promise of peace, love and hope....
My brain is scattered, sometimes jumbled, and rarely readable, so I won't recall enough of this to draw on, but will be tempted often to look back, on a floating paper kite, and reflect. Very very cool! Thank you!

eric313 said...

so awesome