Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thank you

Just wanted to let everyone know that the emails Paiger is getting are so inspiring! I've lived in this house 13 years, and not that I'm a recluse (I'm certainly not) and visitors are mostly welcome, but they usually arrive via chain mail....on the elbow of someone who has been here before. And mostly I hear silence. Maybe they're just overwhelmed. But mostly they're just speechless.

I mean, this is not the kind of house where people say things like "Where did you get that?", "You have such a way with color". " You should be an interior decorator". This is the kind of house I live in. I love EVERY color. Even mud. And I love it all next door to any other color that wants to camp there. I believe in mermaids and angels and the ever-after, I believe in fate and karma and magic and God. I believe in good and bad and the sometimes sloppy line in between. I believe in Peace. In my house... my beliefs, fears, loves, struggles, miracles, everyday moments all live together. Painted, drawn, collaged, glued, carved on the walls, down the halls, on the kitchen cupboards, the doors, the floors, the furniture, the windows..... Call it Chaos. Or call it home. It's my world.

The drawings here are soulful paper kites... set free. No longer tethered to the walls of my world, they are weightless ...floating in a perfect sky, drifting over rooftops and sandy dunes. Some travel mile after dusty mile , some don't go far at all, barely lifted over the fenceposts. But, like the fateful message in the bottle, they know perfectly well when to flutter back to earth. Where to make their new home. Take care precious thoughts.

Peace, love, and the color of a perfect sky,


Justin said...

Your Welcome.
Despite my sarcastic sense of humor, your stuff is really good.

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

Your house sounds perfect to me...

I'm way the heck back here,
in the giant filling cabinet
of the gods and gypsy goddesses,
watching the colors swirl,
asking when it's going to be
my turn to live again,
and again...
(ad infinitum)

Holy Roller

God just handed me the dice...

He says,
"Lucky sevens, Holy Elevens,"
righteous echoes playing havoc
in the houses of the holly.

Looks like Einstein was wrong...

(einstein said of the universe
in regards to chance occurance
"god does not play dice")

I throw His forbidden dice,
praying they aren't loaded....

"snake eyes again," He says.

Fate is probably what we make of it.

But as of now,
I owe the Big Guy
a penny and a pound.

So I look Him in the eye:
"Double or nothin--you know
I'm a man of my word"

And now last wild throw,
the bones tumble down and round
for destiny, for soul,
for one more lucky number
that I know is meant to be.

(inspired by you, once more, my friend--love ya!)

singleton said...

Eric....Good Lord, how do you expect me to follow you way back here, into the attic, over the boxes, under leaky pipes.....
but I heard you....
the clinkin' of the dice
hitting the floor
steady rain on
my tin roof
lucky numbers
falling everywhere
chunks of
frosty numbered
landing in the

Keep going, my friend,
keep writing,
You're "building a baseball field
the people are coming"

To the random toss
of the dice....