Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Psychedelic Bird Nest, Singleton Hippie Art Original

The Psychedelic Bird Nest
(c) Singleton

Rafia Ribbon and spent matchsticks,
Remnants from an old tye dyed bedspread....
Tiny little fragmented moments gathered from the the leftovers of everyday living
and woven again
into a harbor....
of comfort.....
a place of Peace....
A nest of memories,
of make~overs,
and make~believes....

A resting place....

A beginning place...."

Singleton, Artwork and words.
Original Hippie Art Mandala, watercolored free hand on 11 x 15" 140lb cold press paper, and then sharpied in for detail.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Psychedelic Tidal Pool, Original Singleton Hippie Art

The Psychedelic Tidal Pool
(c) Singleton

She lay there,
belly down,
arms and long fingertips at one with the sand...

The gentle green bath water rolling over her,
splashing her in salty Peace.

It was almost low tide...
Almost the New Moon...
Almost time for her to move on...

To Dance in the deep, deep waters....

But for just another moment,
she lingered....

Daydreams are like that"

Words and Hippie Art (c) Singleton

Painted on a salty day at the Sea.....Peace is like that:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jimi in Peace, Singleton Hippie Art Original

Jimi In Peace
(c) Singleton 2012

"I was dreaming
in crazy colors,
star spangled glorious colors,
and the music was
and then....
everything was draped in Velvet,
heavy crushed velvet...
the Music was The Dream
Wild and wonderful....

I saw him there...
behind the curtain...
behind the smokey haze....

And he was in Peace."

Singleton 2012

Watercolors, sharpies and markers on 11 x 15" Coldpress paper. A long time ago I hand sketched Jimi in Peace and my friend Jay, hand cut a stencil of that drawing... It's tattered now. Curled up on the edges. Old. This little poster was painted freehand with watercolors, and then I laid that little stencil baby down, and soaked it in watercolors, purple and blue hazy watercolors..... And it's a new dream:)

Friday, March 02, 2012

Peace Love Forever, Singleton and Son Original , Hippie and Flash Art United

Peace Love Forever
Singleton and Son
Hippie Flash Art Original

"Draped lazily over the bed in the Sunday Sun,
I painted him a thousand colors,
idled away the Sermon Times,
inking endless lines
up and down his arms,
powerful wings across his back,
spidering up his neck...

I could read him like the Sunday Comics....

My Tattooed Lover.."

Artwork (C) Singleton and Singleton
Words (c) Singleton